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What is THE KNOW?

The aim of The Know is to provide hotels with detailed, confidential, qualitative insight from real guests

As experienced travellers, we have had the pleasure of staying in some beautiful and exclusive hotels in over 40 countries around the world. During our stays, we often see a few small things that, if improved, adjusted or added, could really create the wow factor. These suggestions are rarely shared with the hotel.

Our "Knowers" are paying guests who are part of a select, invitation only club of discerning and experienced travellers and are keen to share insight after their stay. In return, they receive reimbursements, rewards and hotel recommendations from like-minded individuals.

There are many thousands of great hotels, but only a few are truly exceptional.


This is not standard guest feedback -
it's actionable intelligence.


Being part of The Know allows Hotels to focus on better understanding guests and to use that information to develop and differentiate their offering. Improved guest experience quickly translates in to increased occupancy through repeat custom, invaluable word of mouth, recommendations and improved online reputation.

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The Know provides confidential ratings on over 50 survey questions as well as written, detailed feedback, examples and photographs from real guests staying at each hotel. Our bespoke service gives each hotel the ability to customise up to 10 questions and zoom in on certain aspects of client experience and performance against brand promises.
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The Know provides competitor benchmarking across price and location as well as against other hotels in each Hotel Group. Identify areas of concern, manage change through our Action Plan feature and see the positive impact of changes over time, such as increased repeat custom and guest satisfaction.
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The Know vets each Knower individually to ensure they are committed, understand their role and have the right experience. Our Knowers are not mystery shoppers who are trying to "review through the eyes of a guest" they ARE real, paying guests with a passion for travel, high standards and experience of exclusive hotels. They stay longer and see more.
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If you travel to luxury hotels regularly, have an eye for detail and an ability to spot and articulate the little things that take a hotel from great to exceptional then you could be in The Know.

Knowers provide detailed feedback on their hotel stays via our online surveys and in return receive cash reimbursements and other exclusive benefits.

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The Know is an exclusive, invitation only club for luxury travellers who want to be rewarded for sharing their experience and insight and help hotels to excel. Each Knower can invite 5 like-minded individuals to join - the more detailed and constructive the feedback provided by both you and those you invite, the more rewards you receive.
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Log on to our members only portal to search our list of available hotels and secure the desired "Know Opp" – opportunity to review. Book and pay for your stay online or direct with the Hotel, there are no restrictions. The Know will provide you with access to an online survey which should take approximately 45 minutes and should be completed within 7 days of your stay.
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Knowers receive cash reimbursements for EVERY completed Know Opp. Reimbursements are provided for one night’s accommodation, meals and spa treatments if applicable. In addition, Knowkens are awarded for quality reviews, which convert in to rewards including early access to Know Opps, enhanced reimbursements and member party events.

The Know will never share reviews across competitors or with the public, thus allowing Hotels to gain insight outside of the public domain and without impact to online reputation.