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What is THE KNOW?

The aim of The Know is to provide hotels with detailed, confidential, qualitative insight from real guests

As experienced travellers, we have had the pleasure of staying in some beautiful and exclusive hotels in over 40 countries around the world. During our stays, we often see a few small things that, if improved, adjusted or added, could really create the wow factor. These suggestions are rarely shared with the hotel.

Our "Knowers" are paying guests who are part of a select, invitation only club of discerning and experienced luxury travellers and are keen to share insight after their stay.

This is not standard guest feedback, it’s actionable intelligence.

Our first review from The Know ​exceeded our expectations! I knew we would be getting responses to a much larger set of questions than we did​ with standard direct guest feedback, but it was really the quality and attention to detail that was the biggest and most pleasant ​surprise. The​ recommendations and suggestions have given certainly given ​us a lot of food for thought. I​nvaluable insight from a true guest perspective.

Adam Rowledge, General Manager
Georgian House Hotel, London

We are delighted to be teaming up with the Know. We put our customers at the centre of our business. Like any hotel, feedback is essential and we feel that working closely with the Know will enable us to continuously strive to provide the best possible experience for our guests.

General Manager
London Hotel

Our priority at Exclusive Hotels and Venues has always been to continuously surpass guest expectations at every turn. The Know will help us to quickly understand changing guest needs and preferences, and our partnership will further increase the focus on guest experience. Ultimately, this feedback will enable us to concentrate on what is truly important to our guests.

Danny Pecorelli, Managing Director
Exclusive Hotels and Venues

Why The Know?

Being part of The Know allows your hotel to focus on better understanding your guests and to use that information to develop and differentiate your hotel - and ultimately, improve your offering.

Improved guest experience translates to:

  • Increased repeat bookings
  • More word of mouth referrals
  • Improved online reputation and reduction in negative reviews
  • Competitive advantage versus other hotels

...resulting in increased occupancy rates and revenue for the hotel.

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How are we different?

The Know focuses on what really matters to your guests

Our Knowers pay for their stay like every other guest you have. One night is reimbursed from the hotel on submission of an approved review, however the minimum number of nights is two. This is a genuine guest holiday and by paying for their stay, our Knowers are genuinely vested, and generate additional revenue for the hotel, both from accommodation and meals, that a typical “mystery inspector” does not. But most importantly, because they stay for longer, they see more.

Because all of our Knowers are vetted for experience and spend power, we ensure that you are getting feedback from the kind of guest that makes up your target demographic.

A typical mystery inspector measures against certain "standards" - for example, the number of minutes it takes to check out. Whilst standards are important to ensure consistent hotel operations and basic service levels, The Know believes that guest experience is defined by so much more.

How does it work?

The Know delivers meaningful guest intelligence via our comprehensive survey, analytics dashboard and our experienced club of Knowers.

Ic survey


Every survey from The Know covers up to 80 probing questions and offers unparalleled, detailed written feedback and suggestions specific to your hotel from our discerning Knowers.

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Ic dashboard


Our user-friendly analytics dashboard allows you to track progress over time, benchmark against other hotels in your group, location and price category, and create a personalised action plan.

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Ic theknowers


Our Knowers are real paying guests, selected for their passion for travel, high standards and experience of luxury and boutique hotels. Knowers are committed and incentivised to provide genuine and comprehensive feedback.

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So... are you in? 

The Know will never share reviews across competitors or with the public, thus allowing Hotels to gain insight outside of the public domain and without impact to online reputation.