About Us

The Know began in 2016, as an idea created by our founders, Fiona and Mané. They share a passion for travel and both have a keen eye for detail.


About us fiona

Originally from County Wicklow in Ireland, Fiona has lived in the US, Singapore and has settled, for now, in London (well, really Essex) with her husband Andrew and 2 children, Noah (5) and Lena (3).

Loves to travel, and with age no longer likes to slum it!

Fiona previously spent 15 years working in Investment Banking Operations. Her specialties were in creating innovative solutions to complex problems, streamlining processes, improving user experience and managing clients with extremely high expectations!

Has a keen attention to detail and an innate desire to want to improve things! "We found ourselves staying in really beautiful hotels but we both always found at least one or two things that we would like to see done differently or additionally. I never shared the information with anyone other than friends – most of the time, it didn’t warrant a complaint to the GM and frankly, I don’t have time to fill out guest surveys or the inclination to rant on TripAdvisor! We realised we weren’t alone in this and suddenly became acutely aware of a wealth of information that was not making its way to hoteliers. The Know, in it's simplest form, bridges that gap. We help real guests tell a hotelier what they actually think."

Interesting unrelated facts:

  • Is a qualified sailing instructor
  • Once sailed from Hawaii to San Francisco on a 52ft sailboat
  • Would love to have a dog but isn’t sure she’s ready for the responsibility yet :)


About us mane

Mané spent 20 years working in the City specializing in client service, risk management, process re-engineering and project management. She has an exceptional eye for detail and resolving potential issues before they arise.

Whilst investment banking paid the bills, Mané’s real love is travelling - she caught the bug during a 6 month sabbatical from the rat race at the age of 26 and has never looked back!

Mané’s ambition is to see as much of the world as possible and at last count she’s visited 44 countries (with more to come this year!) With a wealth of experience, and a love of luxury boutique hotels Mané joined forces with Fiona in 2016 to create The Know and lead the charge in "making great hotels exceptional." The aim is to tap in to real feedback from real guests and tell hoteliers about those little things that they rarely hear about, but that make all the difference.

Mané lives on the borders of East London with her husband Brian and cat-baby "Doods"

Interesting unrelated facts:

  • Cooks a mean chicken curry
  • Combines her travels with her love of scuba diving, especially with sharks!


About us doods

Previously a stray in the East End of London this is a true rags to riches tale. Doods woke one day and decided that living a life of luxury provided by willing slaves was preferable to that of one on the streets and promptly moved in (uninvited) with Mané and her husband Brian, and refused to leave.

Doods often joins The Know board meetings (especially when they are conducted over lunch) and is known as the sleeping partner for good reason.

Interesting unrelated facts:

  • Likes to bring small field mice to the office – the record is 5 in one day
  • Her deciding vote is easily swayed by tuna, ham or cheese