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Who are the Knowers?

Our knowers are authentic, luxury guests, who pay for their stay, stay for longer and see more. Every knower has a passion for travel, a keen eye for detail and is committed to providing genuine feedback to our partner hotels.

We vet each application to ensure that Knowers are committed, discrete and understand their role.  We know how important it is that Knowers have experience of other luxury hotels, the right spend power to stay at your hotel and the ability to clearly articulate the insight you need.

In addition to our stringent vetting process, every review is assessed and Knowers will be removed from the club if an individual does not consistently uphold our standards of quality.

Because our Knowers often travel with partners and families, for business or leisure, and so they offer multiple different and authentic perspectives on the experience.

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How are they selected?

The Know is an invitation-only club. We vet each application to ensure that Knowers are committed, discrete, understand their role and have the right experience, spend power and eye for detail to give you the insight you need.

Every review is assessed and The Know team will remove a Knower from the club if an the individual does not consistently provide feedback at the highest level of quality.

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How are Knowers incentivised?

Knowers are incentivised through cash reimbursements from the hotel, and loyalty points from The Know.

The minimum stay to qualify for reimbursement is 2 nights, however many of our Knowers stay for longer, and can therefore provide more in-depth feedback.

The standard reimbursement for a Knower is 1 night’s accommodation, plus an amount, set in advance by you, towards meals and a spa treatment to ensure full use of your hotel’s facilities.