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What is THE KNOW?

The aim of The Know is to provide our partner hotels with detailed, confidential, qualitative customer insights from real guests, via an invitation-only club of experienced travellers, that we call "Knowers."

Our Knowers provide their time, effort and experienced insight in return for cash reimbursements and other exclusive benefits.

Please watch our 30 second video for a quick overview!

Video - how it works 

Who are the Knowers?

Knowers come from all walks of life, so if you travel to luxury hotels regularly, have an eye for detail and an ability to spot and articulate the little things that take a hotel from great to exceptional then you could be a Knower.

Our Knowers provide responses to up to 80 questions about their hotel stay, so in addition to keen observation skills and experience of staying at luxury and boutique hotels, we need you to have the commitment to complete the user-friendly, comprehensive survey within a week of completing your stay.

All of the little things that you spot when you stay at a hotel and never tell anyone about – that’s what we want to hear – both good and bad. Also, we love to receive recommendations and suggestions of ideas that you have seen elsewhere on your travels which you think could work well in the hotel you are currently reviewing.

Our Knowers to must be discrete as they remain undercover during their stay – so if you want to tap into your secret agent, then The Know may be the mission for you!

What do I receive?

This is the best bit. Our Knowers receive a cash reimbursement for one night of their stay (minimum stay 2 nights) and an additional cash credit towards meals and a spa treatment for every completed review.

And if that’s not enough, to thank you for your time and effort, we also award loyalty points, or Knowkens, for each completed review. These convert into benefits and rewards, such as additional reimbursements and invitations to special events. The more reviews you do, and the better the quality, the more Knowkens you collect!

How does it work?

Here is the brief low-down but for more information, please see our Terms and Conditions

Ic membership


The Know is an exclusive, invitation application-only club for luxury travellers who want to be rewarded for sharing their experience and insight and help hotels to excel. You can register your interest to apply below and each approved Knower can invite 5 like-minded individuals to join - the more detailed and constructive the feedback provided by both you and those you invite, the more rewards you receive.
Ic booking


Log on to our members only portal to search our list of available hotels and secure the desired "Know Opp" – opportunity to review. Book and pay for your stay online or direct with the Hotel, there are no restrictions. The Know will provide you with access to our user-friendly online survey which should be completed within 7 days of your stay.
Ic rewards


Knowers receive cash reimbursements for EVERY completed Know Opp within 14 days of survey submission. Reimbursements are provided for one night’s accommodation, meals and spa treatments, if applicable. In addition, Knowkens are awarded for quality reviews, which convert to member rewards including enhanced reimbursements and special events.

How do I join?

You can register your interest to apply by completing the form below. Please also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates on new hotels joining and other news from The Know.

So... are you in? 

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