guest feedback

Our Knowers are not your standard mystery shopper or anonymous hotel inspectors. They are real guests with exacting standards, a wealth of experience of staying in luxury hotels and the disposable income to pay for an extended stay at your 4 or 5-star hotel.

All our Knowers have three things in common – a passion for travel, an eye for detail and a taste for the finer things in life! Here are some quick facts so you can get to know them better:

  • Location – While many are from across the UK, we also have a significant presence of frequent travellers in Ireland, East and West Coast of the USA, Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Average household income – Obviously this changes as more Knowers join, but the vast majority have an average household income in the £100k-£200k range with approximately 20% in the >£200k category
  • Age demographic – Almost all of our Knowers are born in the 1970’s or 1980’s. However, over time, and as we expand the pool, we expect this to become more diverse
  • Occupation – This is very broad and covers everything from banking and managerial professionals to fashion executives, marketing staff and business owners/entrepreneurs
  • Travel Experience – On average, our Knowers travel eight times a year including holidays, weekend breaks and business travel. One of our most active knowers, however, travels in excess of 20 times a year!
  • Spend Power – The most popular range for ‘Annual household spend on holidays’ is between £15k-£20k however, more than 35% of our current Knowers spend more than this each year

So what’s in it for the Knower?

Our knowers are not looking for a ’freebie’. Instead, they are busy people so need an incentive to complete an extensive survey of over 70 questions to the level of detail and standard we expect. Knowers are giving up their time to share their experience, recommendations and suggestions, so once their review has passed our quality control process, they are reimbursed for one night’s accommodation plus a contribution towards meals and a spa treatment, if applicable.

Why should a hotel choose The Know?

It’s crucial the Knower pays for their own stay to ensure its authentic. You’ll then benefit from genuine feedback from a guest who can both typically afford and wants to stay at your property – rather than a standard mystery shopper who may normally holiday in a lower category of hotel and can provide a limited comparison.

You’ll get an invaluable, totally confidential ‘warts and all’ perspective from a comprehensive bespoke survey allowing you to benchmark yourself against your competitors.

We’ll focus on the full guest experience rather than standards because we know your real guests care more about how the hotel made them feel, or what stood out to them in terms of exceptional service, rather than whether the phone was picked up in three rings and checkout took less than four minutes.

In addition, a typical mystery guest comes on their own, eats breakfast, lunch and dinner only to fill out the survey. Quite often our Knowers stay for longer as it is a normal holiday and will bring their partners, children and dogs – so you get the opinions of all of those people in your review!

How do you become a Knower?

We have an invitation-only approach that sees each potential candidate vetted to ensure they meet our strict criteria to provide the level of high-quality feedback required. During the initial application process the Knowers are asked questions on their recent travel experiences including how often they travel, the last hotel they stayed in and what they liked best or least about the stay. From their responses we can get an insight into their ability to provide the type of detailed feedback, insight and recommendations we are looking for.

As all of our reviews are quality guaranteed – if they are not up to our own meticulous standards we will send a replacement reviewer at no cost to the hotel – to ensure we continue to live up to our client promises, with no exceptions.